Milk_Shake® Permanent Color Cioccolato (Chocolate Range) 100ml

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milk_shake® Permanent Color:
A delicate permanent color chocolate shades that gives brilliance and vitality.

milk_shake smoothies conditioning semi-permanent hair color is a gentle, ammonia-free cream colorant with milk proteins, organic honey, sunflower oil, fruit extracts and a special amino acid complex. Its special formulation allows for endless hair coloring versatility, while retaining the integrity of hair’s structure.

Specific developers and intensive activating emulsions ensure intense color, while the natural ingredients and uniquely intoxicating fragrance take hair color to another level. The results are glossy, vibrant color and beautifully conditioned hair.

  • available in 41 vibrant shades for perfect color
  • illuminates a natural base color
  • gives intense, shiny and natural hues
  • hides the first grays
  • ideal to touch up an existing color
  • perfect to tone and give shaded hues to lightened or blond hair
  • perfect to give shine and color hues
  • suitable for male hair coloring

Fruit, milk, honey and cocoa extracts characterize each tonal series, creating enjoyable colored cream with equivalent natural fragrances that make the product and the coloring treatment unforgettable.


Make a technical diagnosis in order to determine:
• hair’s natural level
• % of white hair
• the hair type: body – porosity – tenacity – density – elasticity
• the desired result

MIXING: 1+1, 1/2

In a non-metallic bowl, mix 1 part of milk_shake® smoothies conditioning semi_permanent color + 1 ½ milk_shake® activating emulsion or intensive activating emulsion (e.g. 50 ml of milk_shake® + 75 ml activating emulsion).


You should make the choice of emulsion type depending on the desired result.

Intensive Activating Emulsion

  • More intense reflects to natural hair
  • Create lightening to natural hair up to 1 level
  • More intense coverage of white hair up to 75%
  • Intensify the tone of colored hair (e.g.: copper, red, violet)
  • Intensify the tone of discolored hair (e.g.: pearl, powder, silver, anthracite)

Activating Emulsion

  • Tone on tone hair color
  • Give reflect to natural hair
  • Coverage of first white hair up to 50%
  • Give tone to colored or discolored hair
  • Correction of color or pre-pigmentation
  • Customize blond hair or high-lightened hair
  • Work in synergy with permanent colors
  • Male hair coloring
  • Tone on tone colouring - 20/30 minutes
  • Coverage of white hair - 30 minutes
  • More intense colouring - 30 minutes
  • Colours corrections - 5/20 minutes
  • Give tone to lengths of coloured hair - 5/20 minutes
  • Male colouring - 5/10 minutes
  • Virgin application: wash the hair with milk_shake® deep cleansing shampoo. Dry it and apply the mixture evenly from re-growths to ends. Processing time: 20 to 30 minutes (time will vary according to the desired intensity). In case of very porous or fine hair, reduce the processing time by a few minutes.
  • Next application: wash the hair with milk_shake® deep cleansing shampoo. Dry it and apply mixture on visible re-growth. Processing time: 20 to 30 minutes. 5/10 minutes before the end of the processing time, apply the mixture on the lengths and ends of the hair. In case of very porous or fine hair, reduce the processing time by a few minutes.
  • Application to give tone to previously coloured/discoloured hair: apply the mixture on clean and towel-dried hair, processing time: 5 to 30 minutes (time will vary according to the desired intensity).
  • Emulsify and massage without adding water. Rinse out thoroughly.
  • Apply milk_shake® color specific acid color sealer, wash with color specifics shampoo & condition with color specifics color sealing conditioner.
  • Heat: It is possible to use a dry heat source in order to increase colour intensity and depth, particularly on resistant hair, or to reduce the advised processing time.