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Alpecin After Shampoo liquid 200ml

Caffeine Liquid Increases productivity of the hair roots keeps hair roots awake hair roots become more productive Stimulate hair growth

Ligh(10) Blu Tonalizing Cond. Powder Bleach 1Kg

The innovative formula in ligh[10] blue powder bleach allows the professional hairstylist to create highlights while reducing yellow tones. Hair is left

Ligh(10) Tone Controller Platinum 100ml

Ligh(10) Tone Controller Platinum 100ml A light, delicate and efficient toner, gives perfect tone control after lightening on levels 9

Milk_Shake® Acid Color Sealer 200ml

milk_shake color specifics acid color sealer is specifically created to close hair cuticles after every color service to seal in the

Milk_Shake® Active Milk Mask

milk_shake active milk mask has a rich restructuring formula that deeply nourishes and strengthens dry or damaged hair. Integrity 41® helps

Milk_Shake® Active Yogurt Mask

milk_shake active yogurt mask nourishes and conditions normal, color-treated or dry hair. Yogurt amino acids provide strength and body, Integrity 41®

Milk_Shake® Argan Oil Deep Treatment

Argan deep treatment deep treatment for all hair types Nourishes the hair and fights frizz with its formula containing organic

Milk_Shake® Argan Shampoo

milk_shake Argan Oil shampoo with organic argan oil for all hair types. Sulfate and salt-free shampoo that cleanses delicately with

Milk_Shake® Color Juice Shampoo

milk_shake Color Juice Shampoo range perfectly caters for every hair Color type, using natural fruit extracts, milk proteins and carefully

Milk_Shake® Color Maintainer Conditioner

milk_shake color maintainer conditioner is a hydrating, protective and detangling conditioner for colored hair. Milk protein maintains the hair’s moisture balance, and

Milk_Shake® Color Maintainer Shampoo

Keep your hair vibrant and healthy every day by using milk_shake Color Maintainer Shampoo. This shampoo has been specially designed to hydrate

Milk_Shake® Color Sealing 500ml

milk_shake color specifics color sealing shampoo cleanses and seals color pigments inside hair after coloring for longer-lasting shiny color. Based on

Milk_Shake® Curl Passion Designer 175 ml

Embrace your curls with milk_shake Curl Passion Designer! Specifically formulated for curly hair, milk_shake Curl Passion Designer is a styling

Milk_Shake® Curl Passion Mask 200ml

An expert rich treatment for curly hair that provides deep hydration and conditioning while eliminating frizz. Grapefruit, Apple and Peach Extracts,

Milk_Shake® Curl Passion Shampoo

milk_shake curl passion shampoo eliminates frizz as it gently cleanses, hydrates and conditions curly hair. Formulated with coconut oil sugars and

Milk_Shake® Daily Frequent Shampoo

A daily shampoo for normal or dry hair that needs frequent washing milk_shake Daily Frequent Shampoo is a delicate shampoo with

Milk_Shake® Deep Cleansing Shampoo

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Deep cleansing shampoo for all hair types Use milk_shake deep cleansing shampoo, SLES-free, to gently remove styling product residue

Milk_Shake® Delicate Permanent Color Oil

milk shake delicate permanent color oil milk shake delicate permanent color oil is an ammonia-free oil hair color with “2o4 organic

Milk_Shake® Direct Color

milk_shake® conditioningDIRECT COLOUR A direct cosmetic, conditioning and delicate color to create temporary hair color without the commitment of permanent

Milk_Shake® Glistening

milk_shake glistening spray is a polishing spray that helps to eliminate unwanted frizz and static electricity, while maintaining optimum hydration balance