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No Inhibition Curl Definer 150ml

curl definer no inhibition curl definer fights humidity and frizz while providing hair with flexibility and long-lasting hold. Every curl is defined

No Inhibition Cutting Lotion 225ml

cutting lotion no inhibition cutting lotion gives shape to hair while cutting. Defines and hydrates every section, making hair easy to

No Inhibition Eco Hairspray 250ml

Get volume out your hairspray! NO INHIBITION Eco Hairspray with guarana & organic extracts. No Inhibition Eco Hairspray contains fixative

No Inhibition Fluid Gloss 50ml

Eliminate frizzz and protect your hair! NO INHIBITION Fluid Gloss has been made with guarana & organic extracts. The innovative

No Inhibition Glaze 225ml

no inhibition glaze is a liquid gel that smooths and holds, providing body, elasticity and definition to all hair types. It

No Inhibition Modeling Wax 50ml

Medium hold modelling wax that adds shine! NO INHIBITION Modelling Wax with guarana & organic extracts. NO INHIBITION Modeling Wax

No Inhibition Moulding Mudd 75ml

Gives hold with protection! NO INHIBITION Moulding Mudd with guarana and organic extracts. A mixture of “kaolin” mud and mattifying

No Inhibition Shaping Pomade 50ml

Strong hold pomade that hydrates the hair! NO INHIBITION Shaping Pomade with guarana & organic extracts. High quality polymers create

No Inhibition Smoothing Cream 200ml

With guarana and organic extracts. NO INHIBITION Smoothing Cream is an innovative silicon emulsion that creates a transparent film that

No Inhibition Styling Gel 225ml

Style and finish gel for wet look! NO INHIBITION Styling Gel with guarana & organic extracts. NO INHIBITION Styling Gel

No Inhibition Texturizing & Volumizing Foam 250ml

Long lasting texture and volume! NO INHIBITION Texturizing & Volumizing Foam with guarana & organic extracts. NO INHIBITION Texturizing &

No Inhibition Volumizing & Styling Foam 250ml

Hold and volume with no build up! NO INHIBITION Styling and Volumizing Foam with guarana & organic extracts. NO INHIBITION

No Inhibition Wet Hard Gel 200ml

Extra strong hold gel! NO INHIBITION Wet Hard Gel with guarana & organic extracts. NO INHIBITION Wet Hard Gel is