Diabetic Foot Health

Flexitol Case Study

Patient Profile
Fifty-nine-year-old male with Type 2 diabetes and associated peripheral neuropathy, well-known to the podiatry service and with a history of diabetic foot ulceration. Previous amputation of toe on left foot, following a diabetic foot infected ulcer, now fully healed and resolved.

Photographs were taken at clinic on Day 1 of left and right heels. Callus was observed on both heels; the left was worse due to several weeks of dressing after the toe amputation.

The patient was placed on a two-week regimen of daily application of Flexitol® 25% Urea Heel Balm. Patient was able to self-care – reach and check his own feet, and apply the emollient himself.

On Day 14 the patient returned and reported that he had used Flexitol® 25% Urea Heel Balm daily. He presented with significant improvement in both heels (compare Day 1 with Day 14 photographs). The patient was pleased with the results.

The patient was advised to maintain his improvement by using Flexitol® Foot Cream (10% Urea Cream daily) on his right heel. For his left heel he was recommended to continue using 25% Urea Flexitol®Heel Balm for a further 2 weeks before moving to the maintenance 10% Urea Cream (due to the severity of the callus at initial presentation).

The patient understood that daily maintenance was key in preventing relapse to callused heels. The visible results achieved in 2 weeks left him very motivated to continue the same routine.

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