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Milk_Shake® Active Yogurt Mask

milk_shake active yogurt mask nourishes and conditions normal, color-treated or dry hair. Yogurt amino acids provide strength and body, Integrity 41®

Milk_Shake® Argan Shampoo

milk_shake Argan Oil shampoo with organic argan oil for all hair types. Sulfate and salt-free shampoo that cleanses delicately with

Milk_Shake® Color Maintainer Shampoo

Keep your hair vibrant and healthy every day by using milk_shake Color Maintainer Shampoo. This shampoo has been specially designed to hydrate

Milk_Shake® Glistening Shampoo Oil 250ml

Milkshake No Frizz Glistening Shampoo Oil A unique oily formulation composed of a balanced mix of avocado, almond, bran rice

Milk_Shake® Illuminate Lightening Oil 300ml

conditioning lightening oil Ammonia-free lightening oil for a new lightening treatment with a natural result. Enhances hydration with its certified

Milk_Shake® Oxidizing Emulsion

MS Oxidizing Emulsion milk_shake® permanent color has always to be prepared by mixing it with milk_shake® oxidizing emulsion with the

Milk_Shake® Sunlight Conditioning Lightening Cream

Sunlight conditioning lightening cream Bleaches up to 6 levels efficiently and gently with its formula containing avocado and sunflower oil.

New Attitude H2O2 Emulsion

Discover a fresh approach to achieving hair-color success. Our superior range of professional products is in line with technological advances