Milk_Shake® Direct Color

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milk_shake® conditioning

A direct cosmetic, conditioning and delicate color to create temporary hair color without the commitment of permanent color, with excellent results. Dynamic, versatile and multi-functional, it gives highly creative chromatic effects that are easy to maintain.


  • A DIRECT FORMULA, where the formula stays on the surface of the hair in correspondence with the cuticle (which is different to the oxidizing process), whilst respecting the hair’s structure.
  • WITH HIGH QUALITY COLORING MOLECULES WITH A HIGH LEVEL OF PURITY for rich and shiny effects and calibrated hair tones that are highly versatile
  • GEL-BASED FORMULA adheres perfectly to the shaft, for optimal color depositing on the hair

Active Ingredients

  • MILK PROTEINS, with a replenishing and conditioning action on the hair’s structure
  • ARGAN OIL AND SHEA BUTTER, emollient, to nourish and protect hair
  • INTEGRITY 41®, an exclusive extract from sunflower seeds rich in antioxidant polyphenols, for greater color stability over time
  • HUMECTANT AND CONDITIONING AGENTS improve manageability, softness and shine
  • AN AMPHOTERIC SURFACTANT with a delicate cleansing action makes rinsing easy
  • A PLEASANT FRUITY FRAGRANCE gently envelops the hair