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Milk_Shake® Glistening

milk_shake glistening spray is a polishing spray that helps to eliminate unwanted frizz and static electricity, while maintaining optimum hydration balance

Milk_Shake® Glistening Shampoo Oil 250ml

Milkshake No Frizz Glistening Shampoo Oil A unique oily formulation composed of a balanced mix of avocado, almond, bran rice

Milk_Shake® Natural Care Mask Base 1000ml

milk_shake natural care mask base Use restructuring milk_shake natural care mask base with natural care milk, yogurt, cocoa and papaya powder compounds

No Inhibition Glaze 225ml

no inhibition glaze is a liquid gel that smooths and holds, providing body, elasticity and definition to all hair types. It

No Inhibition Wet Hard Gel 200ml

Extra strong hold gel! NO INHIBITION Wet Hard Gel with guarana & organic extracts. NO INHIBITION Wet Hard Gel is