Milk_Shake® Oxidizing Emulsion

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MS Oxidizing Emulsion

milk_shake® permanent color has always to be prepared by mixing it with milk_shake® oxidizing emulsion with the following proportions:

TONAL SERIES: 1 part of color + 1,5 parts of oxidizing emulsion

HIGH LIFTS and CLEAR: 1 part of color + 2 parts of oxidizing emulsion.


milk shake oxidizing emulsion, available in four volumes, is specifically formulated for use with milk_shake creative permanent color, milk_shake delicate permanent color oil and ligh[10]blue bleach. 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes.

All four emulsions are created to develop hair coloring pigments to achieve stable, uniform and long-lasting hair color. Each oxidizing emulsion has been enriched with conditioning and protective ingredients, making them delicate and effective. milk shake oxidizing emulsion also contains the Integrity 41® antioxidant complex for better color retention.

  • milk protein conditions and integrate the hair structure, improving hair strength and manageability
  • mango extract hydrates and nourishes
  • natural honey soothes and protects the scalp and conditions the hair stem
  • conditioning and hydrating agents for soft, easy to comb hair
  • Integrity 41 has a  protective action against free radicals and the oxidizing effects of weather to guarantee better color duration
  • pleasant honey fragrance